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Full text of "Thompson24 Country Dances for the Year 1803"

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To in Jones's Waltz 

Lord Ginlfordi Whim 




1?J Gctitfcti to the 2? Lady A turn flie 3 .the 
I s ? I/ady letttothe 2 4 Gen; dk turn the 3 C 1 Leadj 
down the middle up again right & left . 

Foot it & half right ,& hack again ,lead down 
file middle, up again,* turn your partner 
indite round with bolh hands . 

r.n-n your Partner A east off half rigM & 
left lead down itic middle tip afcain & 
po« fsette . 

XUemaiid rr\ih yonr partner lead do. 
u V aK«i» & <*** ***T? * ^"J 1 * roundel!. 
Ihc .J'. 1 Cif;flie fame withrfie 8? Cul Mi 
rnera * turn^-f IracTOulsMca :_: 

Mons. Garnering Flight 

i^ gtr f tf | r r : 

Trip to Pre1 


t ' « 

inclt j:!** Cn;fet to the */. aiida S rotf « 

the fam< to 2- fh* Ifliddl" 

rfp jtgjifji,A MIemand d >V3n£ en. 

in lend down 2 Co:* up 1 Allcm»i 

fiord VolfWi WW 

ii s s a g j. m f an j^ j= 


f.ntiv W to flir '/) <in.:A < 

in ii 


,i r ) iriui down *''•• ''"^'i'',"! 1 Rgnln^A 


W . ti 'T I frf iicf I ffi ffl ffPF 11 

r jmrt nor tvltil *'» 

lf J .V <«•( ofl IC" 

ill. 11, tlirr Crirr- '" 

flovrn I (Hi; up ngn 

in A Ponseii will. Hit M' 


Jacl^ Tars Delight 


<f ^feBS^ 

Mifi* J)»rhjH 


t\ 2[ Qv'fH handfl acroft ?»ack again load 
down fhi I'llr up again rigid A IrffT"T 



i <■-<' wa<A 

S« ('urfrrrn 3 n'r*J, ft« j^ tfldj the Panii 

wiih-tiie [«* Gen: lead down ffie ■ 


V.' & 55? Ca-fci hands acrofs hack an 
lcafl down H mi'l'llc,tfp t again,rit;M 

Foot, it, change tides, 4 hack again i— i c ,-, ( l ilot*n 
I t'fiinp again & cast off 7—^ hands 6 round A f>a<k 
agniuJ-^ (lialn urirartte witfi top & bottom CtiJ 

Edinburgh Baccs V 


•> -^ 


t ~N 

Now av Never 








Fodl it. change fides & *ack again— 1 lead Tarn vn.t t nrhier 1 *rF half A 

down I s ? Cn; up agjtiu & cast pff<~ hands, left lead - mln ofi 

<> round & back again 1^ chain ptrasette with pons«# 
Hie top A- toot torn Cn ; 

a 3 *ifli the rf Lad} flic fame with flie 
rt lead down the m «P pRain & 


itf Lad> Q?t . Gen; & fm n t j, c 3 d 

lead down pie mkkllo ,, : & Ulemand, 


■ CCflrri 


\ 1 1 « n. 


rd Liotherdale Favorite 

fih%mm&m sm 

! s4ftftfW*5 t 


MKs Rankles Whim 






lead round the 3 GcntlLe Gen; I s } Lady fet to the 2? Gent; & tnrn th 

round the- 3 Toadies ^load down the middle 
( n> again, ( ast off, & All em and. 

e 3 d . 

Lead down flic middle up BRn - m & Allcmand . 

^^m^ K 

I s : Citrfctt to the 2 . Lady iSc I»*m<Is S rotriid v J j Change Sides, ?>r\tk again, hsnfa aerate bark 

flic fame to 41 a: lead doWn the 

Idle, op 

io-,Icad cto**n .middle, tip again,* 

mrl & Swiiijr Con V. Mpi 


_ W ' 

The Golden Farmer 





The 3 Ladies load round the .3. Gen "the Gen** 
round 1hc $ X/a&ies ,leac! down ilie middle^iip 

ii n y cast off,& \llrnifliirl 



Foot A change fides hae£ a^in'-l load down 
flu- middle, up ngnin A.llem»nVr »